Middles Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico (Sunday, October 14, 2018) – The Corona Pro 33rd Edition finished and crowned champions today in 3-5 foot surf. The surfers started the morning off in clean surf with light offshore conditions, as forecasted by midday SSE winds began to show and stayed for the rest of the day providing competitors with ripable waves perfect for innovative high performance surfing. The champions, Joshua Burke (BRB) and Tiarah Blanco (PR), were able to outstand and find the way to victory on beautifull waves in front of a large crowd of fans.


Men’s Finalists, Joshua Burke (BRB) & Rafael Pereira (VNZ)

Burke channeled his stand-out performance on day one into a $10,000 champion check on the final day. He stayed consistent catching rights and lefts annihilating them with sharp pocket surfing and innovative repertorie of maneuvers. The final showdown was between Joshua Burke (BRB) and Rafael Pereira (VNZ). Both surfers opened the heat up with good waves but Joshua was able to hold the win with the highest heat score of the day, a 18.20. Pereira also posted multiple goods by putting his power surfing and air game on display with the 2nd highest heat score, a 18.00. Other top performances of day were semi finalists Brian Toth (PR) and Gabriel Escudero (PR). The highest men’s wave and heat score total was awarded to Burke with a 9.53 and a 18.20. Escudero and Toth entertained the large crowd with a variarity combination of powerfull and innovative maneuvers. Both were able to use his speed to make long sections where other surfers were getting caught behind.

The iconic reef at Middles beach on the north west coast of the island will see intense competition again next month when the top surfers from the Caribbean gather on October 12 –14, 2018.

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Middles holds an historic place in surfing history, as it was the site of the 2010 former ASP World Tour, now the WSL, when Kelly Slater surfed to win his 10th World Title and Stephanie Gilmore won her 4th World Title. But this year, something unprecedented is happening at the iconic surf break, it will be the first event ever in Puerto Rico to grant equal gender pay and largest purse prize to be awarded in parity among top 16 of the Men’s and Women’s field.

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Beautiful 4 to 6 foot conditions graced Domes Beach in the morning for the 32nd Edition of the Corona Extra Pro. The crowds were treated to professional surfing from the men and women. Up for grabs was the 32nd Edition of Corona Extra Title and the Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series. Surfers started off the day in clean conditions but as the West wind picked up throughout the day, conditions became more challenging. Briand Toth (PR) and Tiarah Blanco (PR) were able to come out on top with their champion performances. The Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series also crowned circuit champions Brian Toth (PR) and Alexis Engstrom (PR).


Domes Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico (Sunday, March 5, 2017) – The 2017 Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O’Neill Series finished and crowned champions today in 2-4 foot building surf. The surfers started the morning off in difficult small conditions but as forecasted by midday NNE pulses began to show and offered plenty of fun waves. The champions, Brian Toth (PR) and Kayla Durden (FL), were able to prove themselves in varying waves and wind conditions.

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Feb. 4, 2017
For Immediate Release:
Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O'neill Series Back at Domes!

Event #2 on the "Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O'neill Series" competition season.

This year, a field of seventhy five or more contestants is expected next mont that will include a great field of competitors from the US, the Caribbean, Central and South América.

The contest will have a total purse of $37,000, divided into $25,000 for the Men and $12,000 for the Women, which means that we will be able to pay the winner of the Men a first prize of $10,000. The Women's champion will receive $5,000".