March 6, 2016- Domes Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico


Beautiful 2 to 4 foot conditions graced Domes Beach in the morning for the 29th Edition of the Corona Extra Pro. The crowds were treated to professional surfing from the men and women. Up for grabs was the 29th Edition of Corona Extra Title and the Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series. Surfers started off the day in clean conditions but as the West wind picked up throughout the day, conditions became more challenging. Evan Thompson (FL) and Chelsea Roett (BRB) were able to come out on top with their champion performances. The Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’neill Series also crowned circuit champions Asher Nolan (FL) and Alexis Engstrom (PR).

Top men performers were Cody Thompson (FL), Evan Thompson (FL), Jason Torres (CRI), Cameron Richards (SC), Gabriel Escudero (PR), Knox Harris (NC), and Asher Nolan (FL). Cody Thompson held down the highest wave of the day with a 9.10 followed closely behind by his brother and champion Evan Thompson with a 9.00. The final heat between Nolan and Thompson was an action packed final. Thompson got off to a quick start with a 7.83 and a 9.00 putting Nolan playing catch up but put up a good fight with a 7.27 and a 7.93. Nolan is a Corona Extra Pro veteran but was surfing injured with 11 stitches in his lip. The injury put Nolan out of the water for a few days leading up to the event. Thompson’s quick start awarded him with his first Corona Extra Pro win and Nolan’s first Corona Extra Pro O’neill Surf Series win.

On the women’s side of the action the day started off with Quarterfinal 2 and then on to the Women on women semis and final. Top performers for the women were semifinalists’ Chelsea Roett (BRB), Kayla Durden (FL), Jessica Kwiecinski (US), and Amy Murphree (PR). Champion Chelsea Roett held down the top 3 waves of the day with a 7.67, 6.77, and a 6.60. Roett utilized her priority to gain her win by only catching 3 waves. Durden stayed busy catching twice as many waves but was unable to come away with the win. Despite an early Round 2 loss Alexis Engstrom was able to still take the Corona Extra Pro O’neill Surf Series win.
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