Exciting Action in Stormy Surf For Day 1 at APSPR Corona Extra

MIDDLES, Isabela, Puerto Rico (Saturday, November, 2013) – The 26th edition of the Corona Extra Pro Circuit at Middles Beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico completed two rounds of women's and the first round and heats 1-5 of men's surfing. The competition ran throughout the morning in 3-5 foot bumpy surf. The surfers had to endure fluctuating wind and rain but the waves offered plenty of scoring potential and entertainment for the crowd.

Emily Ruppert (FL), Chelsea Tuach (BRB), Alexis Engstorm (NY/PR), Ornella Pellizzari (ARG) all surfed their way through two rounds to see themselves into the Semi Finals. The surfers were put to the test in challenging stormy conditions. Top performers of the day were Alexis Engstrom and Ornella Pellizzari. Engstrom surfed solid with smooth turns and good wave selection to hold down the highest wave (7.17) and the highest wave total (13.17). Pellizzari showed that coming to PR early to train for the event has paid off. She took her backhand to the Middles bowl to post one of the highest heat totals of the day (12.00). The semifinalists will continue their battle for the grand prize of $5,000 tomorrow. Also up for grabs is The Corona Extra Circuit Title which can be won by either Tuach or Engstorm.

On the men's side of action the highest wave of the day, an 8.17, was awarded to Brian Toth (PR) whom is currently in the running for the Corona Extra Pro Circuit Title. Also with a notable performance was Gabe Kling (FL) with the highest heat total of 15.43. Kling, who is not a stranger to the Corona Extra Pro podium use power surfing overcome his competitors and post three waves in the good range. Daniel Glenn (FL) fresh off a Junior Pro win in Barbados surfed the Middles bowl with a display of high performance versatile style of surfing and was rewarded with one of the top wave scores and heat totals of the day. The chase for The Corona Extra Circuit Title will continue between Gabriel Escudero (PR), Brian Toth (PR), and Wesley Toth (PR).

Tomorrow, the final day, promises to continue displaying a high level of surfing at Middles Beach. The day will start with Round 2 Heat 6 of the Men and then continue into the remaining rounds. You can look forward to highly competitive heats as the divisions progress into the man on man format.

The surfers are competing for a total purse of $37,000, divided into $25,000 for the Men and $12,000 for the Women. The winner of the Men's will take home $10,000. The Women's champion will receive $5,000. As well as the crowning of the Corona Extra Circuit Champion.

The other generous sponsors of the Corona Extra Pro Circuit are: Corona Extra, Corona Light, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, AT&T, Coppertone, Jose Cuervo, Cabreiroá, Finlandia, Hang Loose Surf Shop, Werner Vega Surfboards, Mango's, El Nuevo Día, Wapa Tv, N- Punto, Alfa Rock and Mundo Rad.

The Corona Extra Pro at Middles Beach in Puerto Rico will run from November 21-23. For more information, event videos and more check www.apspr.net