Middles Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico (Sunday, October 18, 2015) – The 28th Edition of the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O’Neill Series #2 finished and crowned champions today in 1-3 foot surf. The surfers battled in difficult small conditions but this do not stop finalists to show their repertory of maneuvers and great performance. The champions, Brian Toth (PR) and Nikki Viesins (Fl), were able to prove themselves in varying small waves and wind conditions.

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Winners, Toth & Viesins with runner-ups Graves & Engstrom: Pic by AC /APSPR ©



Due to a lack of waves on sunday, the event will commence on Friday and Saturday, if the surf forecast changes in the next couple of days there could be a subject to change for the event , but as of now Friday and Saturday will have beautiful conditions .

Me, the Surfers Rep Brian Toth, the sponsors of the event Ariel Aviles representing Corona and in representation of O’neill, Pablo Diaz, we have all been monitoring the wave forecast for the weekend, during the past two days it's been an increase in the size of the waves for Friday 16 and Saturday 17 to three feet at 10 seconds which give us the confidence that there will be enough waves to run the event on Friday and Saturday, as for now the waves are forecasted to decrease on Sunday, having said this we have prepared to commence running the event on Friday and everyone who is on the mens first and second round should be ready to start competition on Friday commencing first heat at 7:30am, there still three more days to go and we are in hopes that the waves conditions could always possibly improve for the weekend do to some activity on the Atlantic Ocean. To guarantee the best possible waves for the contestants we are prepared to run the event any day begining on Friday through Sunday. We’ll be in contact with all of you and keep you guys updated daily as the weekend approach.

Asher Nolan and
Quincy Davis

are Crowned Champions
at the

Corona Extra
Pro Surf Circuit O’Neill Series

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Domes Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico (Sunday, March 8, 2015) – The 2015 Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O’Neill Series finished and crowned champions today in 2-4 foot building surf. The surfers started the morning off in difficult small conditions but as forecasted by midday NNW pulses began to show and offered plenty of fun waves. The champions, Asher Nolan (FL) and Quincy Davis (NY), were able to prove themselves in varying wave and wind conditions.

Nolan channeled his stand-out performance on day one into a $10,000 champion check on the final day. He stayed consistent and stuck to catching rights off the Domes point and annihilating them with sharp backhand pocket surfing. The final showdown was between Asher Nolan and Francisco Bellorin. Both surfers opened the heat up with good waves but Asher was able to hold the win with the second highest wave of the day an 8.93. Bellorin also posted multiple excellents by putting his power surfing on display. Other top performances of day were semi finalists Michael Dunphy (VA) and Gabriel Escudero (PR). The highest wave total was awarded to Rafael Pereira (VNZ) with a 17.63, he received the O’Neill Performance of the Event award for $1,000. Pereira entertained the crowd with his air reverses and long combinations. He was able to use his speed to make long sections where other surfers were getting caught behind.

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Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit returns to Domes.

On the weekend of March 7 & 8 exciting pro surfing action returns to Puerto Rico at iconic Domes Beach in Rincon. The alternate site is nearby Maria's. Domes holds an historic place in surfing history, as it was the site of the 1968 World Surfing Titles, when Hawaiian Fred Hemmings surfed to victory over Australians Midget Farrelly and Nat Young. The giant swells that are pushed southward by cold fronts in the Northern Hemisphere are the annual attraction that has lured International surfers to Puerto Rico for fifty winters.

This will be the 27th edition of the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit, and it will kick off the points race to crown the 2015-2016 O'Neill Series Champions for both the men and women competitors. The competition season is supported by APSPR (Association of Professional Surfers of Puerto Rico) and consists of three events. Each has over $37,000 in prize money, with $25,000 allocated for the men and $12,000 for the women, meaning over $110,000 will be awarded in prize money to the surfers as the yearly champions are decided. This event will also feature the $1,000 O'Neill best performance awards, which are awarded for the highest heat scores in both the men's and women's divisions.

The Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit, was founded in 2001 by Werner Vega, surfboard shaper and owner of Hang Loose Surf Shop, in Isabela. “Since we began fourteen years ago, Corona Extra has been the biggest supporter of Puerto Rican pro surfers” said Mr. Vega. The continued support of Corona Extra shows a huge commitment to the sport and it’s athletes. The contest will have a total purse of $37,000, divided into $25,000 for the Men and $12,000 for the Women, which means that we will be able to pay the winner of the Men a first prize of $10,000. The Women’s champion will receive $5,000”. A field of 60 or more contestants is expected that will include competitors from the Mainland East Coast, West Coast, Argentina, Venezuela and the Caribbean.

Correction: We apologize to Marley Puglielli who had the highest wave score 9.33 and heat score a 15.67 of Day 1 and the entire event. Due to a statistical error we would like to retract the following statement: "On the men's side of action he highest wave of the day, an 8.17, was awarded to Brian Toth (PR) whom is currently in the running for the Corona Extra Pro Circuit Title. Also with a notable performance was Gabe Kling (FL) with the highest heat total of 15.43"